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Gitolite: Add, Edit, or Delete Git Repository Name

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I can’t find commands in gitolite to manage repository or project name, so here’s what I got from other sources.

Add or create repository

  • Add entry for new project or repository in your gitolite config (conf/gitolite.conf)
  • Commit and push your changes. this will create and initialize your new repo.

Rename a repository

  • Modify the name of repo in your gitolite config (conf/gitolite.conf)
  • Move or rename the actual directory (depending on where you install it, ex: /home/git/repositories) to match your changes in gitolite config.
  • Commit and push your changes.

Note: Obviously, this changes the remote url of your repo, so don’t forget to change your git remote url config in your project clones.

Delete a repository:

  • Open your gitolite config and remove the project from there. commit and push your changes.
  • Then delete its git directory (ex: /home/git/repositories/projectname.git)
  • You can also remove users/keys that are no longer used