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Black Friday - 404, Site Not Available, and Others From Your Favorite Sites

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My small collection of my favorite 404 and error messages on the web, from mostly big sites.  Some are humorous, some are quirky, and I think they are all great.  No one is perfect.


Top web site error pages - my favorites.

1) - simple, to the point, diffusing. site not availalble 404

2) - (oops! There seems to be a problem.  I’ll tell you what… let us fix it and this can be our little secret.)  humorous


3) - (our servers are currently fighting among themselves and we’re putting them into a timeout.) - if you have kids you will appreciate this.


4) - (“The functionality is not available… Be cool - we’ll be back 100% in a bit.”) - I like the slang

be cool - you tube 404 image

5) Witter error - before the whale

twitter error, before the whale

6) Google apps error - not funny, not cool… common google, you can be fun too!

google error

7) error - (“we’ll be right back, in the mean time why dont you go outside and play for a while”) - LOVE this one

stumble upon 404 - funny

8) Facebook error - not funny at all, especially since it happens a lot


9) the now famous twitter whale - simply brilliant

twitter whale

10) error (“Doh! The Technorati Monster escaped again.”) - good one

techocrati 404