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The Next Open Source Protocol - Google Wave

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While we are very busy administering servers, looking at cloud computing developments and improving drupal performance, we sometimes get some time to take a break and catch up on the news.   Well, this isnt exactly news, as its been out since spring 2009, but you will need some time to watch this video on google wave.

This is definitely a game changer.  The folks who are behind this are the brothers who brought us google earth.

So while this does not have much to do with linux servers, it is open source, and it does run on Java.   There is tons of info about this product - I would urge you to also check out this good wiki article on google wave.

The bottom line is that it will definitely change the way we will communicate, and it will have an impact on many open source OS and applications.

Now… if we only had a way to get an invite :)