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SysAdmin Tool of the Week: Update-Scout

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Ok, we will start with this new section on our blog, the “SysAdmin Tool of the Week”, to feature cool and useful tools used by Promet systems administrators. This will include websites, software/applications, and hardware as well.

For our Sysadmin Tool of the Week it is Update Scout. This site notifies you for updates or new version of software. It contain hundreds (and increasing) of applications - linux, windows, mac, website apps and tools. Like in my case I monitor Wordpress, Drupal, Apache, MySQL, KeePass, Nagios and many other, so it’s very helpful to just wait for an email to arrive rather than thinking about them, checking manually, or sign up to each of them.

Get Started: * signup: just add your email and password * select applications you want to monitor for updates * add your own application if it’s not on the list

Site Features: * Latest Updates, Latest Additions, Most Popular and Most Active sections * Browse list of monitored applications from A-Z or using tags * MyUpdate-Scout for list of your monitored applications

Do you have similar or better tool than this? :)