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Google slowdown causes blogger hysteria

Official Google Blog: This is your pilot speaking. Now, about that holding pattern…

Ok, so I checked out my RSS feeds and went over to google blog to see what the hoopla was about today after slowdown. Yes, I had pings from folks asking me if google was down for them or just me, but I really find the backlinks interesting… from funny to pathetic.

I think uptime still matters.

See for yoursleves (my emphasis):

Google Outage Caused by Asian “Traffic Jam” | John Paczkowski …

If the Web has does have a single point of failure, you’d think it was Google given all the outcry over the the outages suffered by some of the company’s services Thursday. Something went wrong at the company this morning and whatever …

Posted by John Paczkowski at 12:23 

Google Slow (or Down) for Some

Thursday, May 14, 2009. Google Slow (or Down) for Some. Some of us are having problems accessing, YouTube, Gmail and others. [This post may update if there’s further info.] Update: And it seems to be back up now (18:15 CET). …

Posted by Philipp Lenssen at 10:08 

Google Slow, Twitterati Hysterical

UPDATED: Google appears to be having problems across its Gmail, search and even its Blogger platforms, judging by complaints on …

Posted by Stacey Higginbotham at 09:48 

It’s Down! The Day Google Stood Still (Updated) - ReadWriteWeb

We have seen our fair share of failures from web based products, but this morning, for a large number of users (at least in the US), it looks …

Posted by Frederic Lardinois at 09:32 

Major Google Outages Today: #GoogleFail Or #AT&T; Fail?

A bunch of GoogleGoogle reviews services have been failing this morning, and we’ve been trying to figure out why. The hashtag #googlefail on TwitterTwitter.

Posted by Adam Ostrow at 09:25 

Google Services Go Down For Many

Currently, many people who use Google’s services, including web search, Gmail, Google Reader and other products are either down or incredibly slow for some.

Posted by Barry Schwartz at 09:15 

La panne de Google: une erreur d’aiguillage - Media & Pub -

Le moteur de recherche a connu de sérieux problèmes techniques entre 17h et 18h ce jeudi. Des milliers d’internautes ont témoigné sur Twitter des difficultés rencontrées sur Google.

Posted by at 09:08 

Google Stumbles, Internet Breaks A Leg

Recent Posts. Google Stumbles, Internet Breaks A Leg · Beer Monday: Redhook’s Slim Chance · Friday Gallimaufry: Migratory Birds · Moms On The Net · Beer Monday: New Glarus Brewing · The Pale Blue Dot · Devo Was Right About Everything …

Posted by forbes blogger at 08:35 

Ajax Girl » Blog Archive » Google’s Outage Was Asia’s Fault

Written by on May 14th, 2009 in Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback from your own site. Google finally has an explanation for its …

Posted by at 07:34 

Tech Science | Shout-Out Blog

Top Technology, Computer, Internet and Science News Latest Science News from Around the Web Scientific.

Posted by keithco at 23:12 

Tech Central - Times Online - WBLG: Problems with Google today …