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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 Released

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With the 8th update of their venerable Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 version (_first released in February 200_5), RedHat switches to ”production 2 lifecycle phase”, where it helps customers transition to RHEL5. Ideally everyone will upgrade to rhel5 by the end of the year - Q4 2009 (in case not done already, this is a good time to plan for this).


General Availability:     February 14, 2005 End of Production 1 phase:     March 31, 2009 End of Production 2 phase:     No earlier than Q4 of 2009 End of Production 3 phase:     February 29, 2012

Key features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 include:

  • Improved virtualization performance and scale

  • Improved Windows interoperability and file system support

  • General performance improvements

  • Storage and filesystem enhancements

  • Enhanced developer support

For full details check out the press release.

Note: as usual, people using Centos4 will have to wait for a couple of weeks to have cento4.8 available for upgrade.