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AdBard Comes Back to Life

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When AdBard went off the air earlier this year, I wasn’t so nice to it in my post, so to try to make it up, here is some free publicity for this FLOSS ad network.

Good Luck!

Here is an excerpt from their latest newsletter to previous participants:

The new network has been redesigned under the guidance of the Free Software Foundation, offering an even greater focus on the importance of Free/Libre and Open Source Software. The FSF will continue to take an advisory role in the network. * Based on this guidance from the FSF, to participate in the Ad Bard Network: * Your website must in some way pertain to FLOSS. Our network is dedicated only to websites that are FLOSS-relevant and advertisers that are FLOSS-appropriate. 1. Your website must exclusively display Ad Bard advertisements. We no longer allow other advertisements to be displayed along side Ad Bard advertisements. This is to ensure that there are no FLOSS-inappropriate advertisements displayed on your web pages, and is necessary for some organizations to be able to link to your website. 2. All members will have a chance to vote for or against advertisements for 36 hours after the order is placed. At least 50% of the received votes must be positive for the advertisement to be accepted. Higher traffic websites will have a proportionally greater vote than lower traffic websites. * Only one Ad Bard Network advertisement can be displayed on a page at a time. Ad Bard Network advertisements will be comprised of both 1 image (120 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall) and 80 characters of text. * Instead of trying to sell many inexpensive advertisements, the network will only sell 25 standard advertisements each month. The network will also sell around 5 exclusive daily advertisements each month. Exclusive daily advertisements will be displayed on all pages of all member websites for an entire 24 hour period. Standard monthly advertisements will be displayed in rotation on all websites on all days for which no exclusive daily advertisement has been sold. * Members will earn a % of the profits made from selling advertisements on the network. Actual member earnings will be calculated monthly based on how many advertisements were displayed on your website and how many times the advertisements were clicked on your website. As the network grows, the cost of advertising on the network will also grow, and thus so will potential member earnings. The actual algorithms used will be publicly available for feedback and suggestions, and will evolve as necessary to ensure that payments are fairly distributed.