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Videos of Google Data Centers and Presentation Video From the Google Efficent Data Center Summit

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On April 1st Google hosted a Efficient Data Center Summit .    The videos below are of the Google container based data centers, outlining the design of cooling systems, the containers themselves hosing hundreds of thousands of servers.  It shows their water cooling systems, and video shots of inside of the containers as well as what they call ‘Google night life’.  Unfortunately the slide our servers are not on cork boards, but they do look to be attached to a fairly flimsy rail system.  :)

My favorites are the server swap and a Google provided Personal Transportation Device (PTD).

These are great videos providing a glimpse into the usually locked down giant data centers housing thousands of servers.  This is how its done!

That was the summary video overview of a google data center - container based.

Below are a few more videos from the above mentioned Efficency Data Center Summit.  Here is part one overview the google green grid.

Here is the google provided summary of the event, and the following part 2 and 3 videos of the event.

On April 1st, we hosted leaders of the IT industry to discuss best practices for improving data center efficiency. The day was spent discussing how to make significant reductions in resource use while meeting service requirements. Saving electricity and water is not just good for the environment, it makes good business sense too. Being “green” reduces operating costs and can keep our industry competitive; it is the economic advantage that makes efficiency truly sustainable.