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The Great Cloud Shootout at MySQL Conference

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MySQL conference notes on cloud computing shoot out text summary atranscript

Lew Tucker, Cloud CTO, sun Monty Taylor, MySQL Drissel Geek, Sun Jeremy Zawodny, MySQL hacker, craigslist Chander Kant, CEO, Zmanda Thorsten von Ficon, CTO, Rightscale Prashant Malik, Cassandra Dude, Facebook Mike Culver, Evangerlist, Amazon Web Services

Some interesting subjects touched upon were:

elasticity - allowing even a small company to shoot for the moon without shooting itself in the foot like utilities, much like electricity - you dont think about the electricyt company running out of electricity new way of packaging the technology with a pay as you go model, way to provision your application

  • Different Types of Clouds
  • Layers of Clouds
  • Amazon like
  • Google
  • SaaS

  • Who is the cloud for?

  • even ERP in the cloud?

How would an existing application benefit from the cloud? * scaling an application * leverage the collective scalability of the cloud * forklifting an application out of datacenter or in house colo * scalability testing?

Cloud adoption barriers * privacy * performance * network latency * trust and privacy * mindset on owning your own datacenter * competition (lack of)

What applications fit best into the cloud * own

Business Opportunities? * dev pay - the customer signs up for SaaS or Software as an annuity * learn how to do performance tuning and optimization and do that for cloud infrastructures (41:50)