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Acrobat Reader Javascript Exploit Hits Linux

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Adobe is starting to look more and more like Microsft these days. Both companies offer popular products used at home and in the enterprise, both offer multi-platform versions. Adobe does show much more love for Linux then Microsoft will likely ever will. While this isnt the first time PDF based exploits have been discovered, the new exploit first reported by Security Focus is a biggie mainly because it affects all platforms of Adobe Reader 8.1.4/9.1 This exploit is considered highly critical by Secunia, a security firm.

If there is one posivite to come from this is that updating your anti-virus definitons isnt required. Simply disable Acrobat Javascript by following these simple directions.

  1. Launch Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
  2. Select Edit>Preferences
  3. Select the JavaScript Category
  4. Uncheck the ‘Enable Acrobat JavaScript’ option
  5. Click OK