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Ffmpeg New Major Release

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FFMPEG announces a new release today.  It releases version 0.5

The slashodot peculated this ffmpeg related post to the top of its news today:

After many years of release-free development, FFmpeg, the most widely used audio and video codec library, has finally returned to a regular release schedule with the long-awaited version 0.5

Here is a very abbreviated list of some of the improvements to the converter from the official ffmpeg site:

Significant work to support at least decoding of all widespread mainstream proprietary codecs, such as:

  • decoders and encoders
    • ALAC
    • Flash Screen Video
    • WMAv2 decoder fixed, WMAv1/v2 encoder
  • decoders
  • Atrac3
  • MLP/TrueHD
  • On2 VP3 improvements and VP5/VP6 support
  • RealAudio Cooker and fixes for 14.4 and 28.8
  • RealVideo RV30/40
  • WMV3/WMV9/VC-1 and IntraX8 frame support for WMV2/VC-1

We sysadmins at promet have used ffmpeg in several of our projects and find it a great tool. Our recent implementations include a video distance learning tool and its also used in some of our work for sites of members of the house of representatives using this video platform.