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AdBard - Dont Die!

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So a couple of weeks ago I touted the AdBard folks and their FLOSS oriented ad network system.  Today we received the following email from them.  What is worse, is that the ads have already stopped appearing on the site.

It looks like they will be teaming up with  Free Software Foundation.

This email details your current earnings from your participation in the Ad Bard Network.  We are also excited to announce major changes to our network, including general improvements and the direct participation of the Free Software Foundation.  However, our planned changes require that we temporarily suspend the entire network for the month of February.  As a member you will be receiving payment for your outstanding earnings balances, and then if you elect to participate in our newly structured network you will be required to sign up again.  We apologize for the inconvenience of this, but hope that it helps achieve the end goal of increasing the earnings of member websites and improving the desirability of the network for advertisers.


LInux System Admin Blog average ad impressions: Hourly:           nn Daily:           nnn Monthly:      nnnnn

Outstanding earnings: $nnn

Due to the upgrade in process, please remove the JavaScript snippet from your website at this time.  No further advertisements will be displayed through this snippet, and before the end of February 2009 the handling for this javascript will be disabled and could result in an error on your website.  If you will require more than 2 weeks to remove the snippet, please send us an email and we will work with you as necessary.  A new snippet will be provided for the new website.

We will be issuing payments for all outstanding earnings through PayPal or via a check.  If your payment information has changed, please respond to this email with updated details.  Please be sure to include your Ad Bard username in your email.

If you have converted earnings into unused coupons, please reply to this email with details so that we are sure to properly credit you back.

Details about our enhanced network will be posted to over the upcoming month.  You will also be receiving an update via email when it is possible to sign up for the new network.  A few of the planned changes include a limited number of advertising slots, the ability to participate in approving which FLOSS-appropriate advertisements are accepted, and improvements to our payment algorithms. The Free Software Foundation is actively advising us in this effort, and will help campaign for the new network once it goes live.

Thank you for your patience and participation in our evolving network. We hope that you like the changes that will be happening this month, and that you will continue to participate.

Cheers, -Jeremy

– Jeremy Andrews 877-875-8824 x100 Tag1 Consulting, Inc.