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At Vendor's Mercy

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So you think your hardware load balanced client site is safe from downtime? Think again!  A poorly tested firmware release from your hardware load balancer vendor can cripple your clients websites and without a backup plan can cripple your  business. How many times have we’ve been told to upgrade to the latest version of software to resolve one issue only to find out that you’ve just opened a can of worms.

In the lightning paced IT world where the client usually demands and expects immediate action when their site has become down or unstable we are often left waiting for a vendor to get their act together and find a solution. Clients do not want to hear  nor care what the vendors tell us. Usually something along the lines of: “The issue will be resolved in the next release or we do not have a solution for this issue currently, but we are working on it” While we appreciate the vendor efforts for encouraging words it rarely resolves the problem we are having now.

A backup plan to a what would seem a bulletproof concept should always be formulated. No one likes to get caught with their pants down. Often a less then optimal backup stategy is much better then no backup strategy.