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Amazon Down Time Slashdoted

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Any host or system admin hates the words its not working or its down. When I see a big site take a hit or is town there are two reactions that I generally have:

  • Site Down - those poor bastards (system admins) their life must suck right now

  • Site Down - SEE!!! It happens to them too! No one is perfect! No one is immune!

Here is a story that elicited these feelings in today’s Slashdot stories:

+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | US Website Down For Over 1 Hour | | from the there-goes-the-bottom-line dept. | | posted by ScuttleMonkey on Friday June 06, @15:10 (The Internet) | | [ ]( | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

CorporalKlinger writes CNET News is reporting that Amazon’s US website,, has been unreachable since 10:30 AM PDT today. As of posting, visiting produces an ‘Http/1.1 Service Unavailable’ message. According to CNET, “Based on last quarter’s revenue of $4.13 billion, a full-scale global outage would cost Amazon more than [0]$31,000 per minute on average.” Some of Amazon’s international websites still appear to be working, and some pages on the US site load if accessed using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

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